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Morningstar Finance


(Period of use: 1 year)

With this Mercedes-Benz App for your vehicle's COMAND Online system, you can see several current stock prices directly on your screen.

With current information from the renowned stock rating agency Morningstar, you receive indexes and stock prices, depending on the specific selection, with a time delay or after the day's close. Access a variety of international prices on the go, within specific markets or via a keyword search. For a quick overview, simply select the desired stock from your own favorites list.

The period of use is one year from the time of enabling.

There is no guarantee for the correctness, up-to-dateness, and completeness of the stock price information.

To order and use this app, your vehicle needs to be equipped with a COMAND Online system. The online function must be activated and connected to the Internet via a Bluetooth DUN capable mobile phone. Information on activating your online functions can be found in the operator's manual.


Please note:

  • On purchasing, this Mercedes-Benz App is immediately available in your COMAND Online menu as soon as your COMAND Online system connects with the Internet.
  • Some functions of the app can only be used when the vehicle is stationary.
  • The application can be displayed in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Russian, and additional languages.
  • All stock exchange data are updated at least daily, and some at brief intervals on a regular basis. All stock exchange data are transmitted with a time lag. In individual cases, the delay may be longer due to the Internet connection.
  • The app is vehicle-specific and cannot be transferred in case of a vehicle change.

* Products may vary slightly from those illustrated. Hover the mouse over the image to zoom, or switch to full screen mode. Offer only available while stocks last.

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